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Remote Sensing innovation and commercialization for responsible, sustainable development of natural resources.

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Technology Investment

LOOKNorth`s Technology Investment Program (TIP) promotes the deployment of monitoring technologies to provide breakthroughs in the safe and sustainable development and transportation of Canada’s natural resources.  The program co-funds technology validation projects and is intended as a precursor to long-term implementation of remote sensing and other monitoring technologies in the resource sectors; its  primary goal is sustained commercialization of these technologies. 

Sectors of interest are oil & gas, oil sands, mining, hydro-electricity, and related transportation modes.  Regions of particular interest are Canada`s North both offshore in seas and oceans, and onshore in permafrost and discontinuous permafrost environments.  

To identify industry-relevant technologies (based on needs identified through consultation with industry in our Sector Assessment process) that are near commercial-ready and may benefit from a validation or demonstration process, LOOKNorth has gone to the broader remote sensing community seeking project proposals. 

Since 2012 LOOKNorth has invested in 68 innovative remote sensing technologies, supporting projects conducted by 68 technology SMEs in collaboration with 84 industry partners, 27 public sector and NGO partners, 25 academic partners across Canada, leveraging more than $27.5 million in additional investments.

Going forward, LOOKNorth may solict technology development and/or validation/demonstration project proposals for industry-relevant remote sensing technologies.  Proposals are examined by an evaluation team approved by the Advisory Committee to determine how well they match LOOKNorth’s criteria and desired impacts.  The recommendations of the evaluation team are reviewed by the management team and advisory committee, who present the selected projects to the Board of Directors for approval. 

Typically, LOOKNorth will co-fund eligible technology projects up to 50% of eligible project costs* to a maximum of $200k LOOKNorth funding per project.  The remaining funds must be provided from an industry sector co-sponsor. Technology validation projects will be supported for a maximum of two (2) years.

*Eligible costs are outlined in the CECR Program Guide, Appendix D, which can be found at on the NCE website.