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Remote Sensing innovation and commercialization for responsible, sustainable development of natural resources.

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Living Here

LOOKNorth operates from two key locations:

LOOKNorth's headquarters are in C-CORE's facilities on Memorial University Campus in St. John’s, NL. There, LOOKNorth staff have access to C-CORE`s pioneeering remote sensing team and its extensive expertise in transferring space technologies, particularly satellite-based sensors, to harsh,  cold terrestrial environments. Our close relationship with Memorial University and location on the Memorial campus allows convenient access to several additional advanced facilities and extensive additional research skillsets and knowledge bases.  

For new members of the LOOKNorth team and their families, St. John's and surrounding Northeast Avalon area offers a superb natural environment, quality educational and medical facilities, clean air, safe streets, cost-competitive housing and all the amenities of the greater Canadian community. Newfoundland & Labrador's rich history and culture, along with our affinity for "small town" quality of life make this place a pleasure to live, work and play in. Private schooling and International Baccalaureate programs are also available.

The links below provide more information on living and working in St. John's, particularly on the Memorial University Campus. 



C-CORE's office in Ottawa, ON, which focuses primarily on remote sensing, serves as a secondary base of operations for LOOKNorth personnel and projects.

For those employees recruited to our office in Ottawa-Kanata, we are only a short drive from both downtown Ottawa, ON and Hull, QB.

For more information on living in the Ottawa region, see: