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Remote Sensing innovation and commercialization for responsible, sustainable development of natural resources.

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Launch Announcement

In a world increasingly hungry for natural resources of all kinds, explorers and developers are venturing into the most forbidding frontiers to replace depleting global reserves. Many are looking northward, to Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. C-CORE responded with a new initiative to help them accomplish their project goals: Leading Operational Observations and Knowledge for the North – LOOKNorth.  

LOOKNorth is a Centre of Excellence for technology commercialization, which supports safe and sustainable Northern resource development by validating and commercializing satellite and other monitoring technologies for use in these challenging and environmentally sensitive environments.  Its work focuses on providing information critical to project and regulatory decision-making.

Responding to the need for an operational and comprehensive monitoring capacity, LOOKNorth engages resource industries, researchers, service providers, local communities and government organizations concerned with monitoring in support of the development of northern resources.  Commercialization of technologies is driven primarily by the needs of the natural resource and energy sectors.

Thanks to a combined investment of more than $12 million by the governments of Canada and Newfoundland & Labrador, as well as the private sector, LOOKNorth will create a cross-Canada network of industry, research and community stakeholders, dedicated to safe and sustainable development of Canada’s Northern natural resources. The network will cooperate to validate satellite and other monitoring technologies for use in these challenging and environmentally sensitive environments, in order to provide cost-effective access to reliable information that can support project and regulatory decision-making for all stakeholders.

C-CORE was awarded $7.1 million for LOOKNorth by the Government of Canada from its 2010 Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) competition. This will enable the LOOKNorth network to coordinate, consolidate and build on existing Canadian monitoring technologies and expertise.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador will support the Centre’s activities with $2M through the Department of Innovation Trade and Rural Development (INTRD) and the Research and Development Corporation (RDC).  Each organization will provide $1M.

C-CORE provides space, business support services and executive oversight for the centre.

Additional private sector funding is secured for specific technology validation projects.

“Canada’s vast North is a treasure-house of largely untapped natural resources,” says C-CORE CEO Charles Randell. “It also contains some of the world’s most pristine and fragile ecosystems and plays a crucial role in the global climate system.  Climate change is having a noticeable impact across the north, altering ice regimes, changing operational conditions and opening expanded seasons of viable exploration.  As interest increases in Canada’s (and indeed the world’s) Arctic resources, the need increases to ensure responsible and sustainable development.  Accurate and continuous environmental characterization will be essential to succeed in that endeavour.”