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Remote Sensing innovation and commercialization for responsible, sustainable development of natural resources.

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Sample Projects

At any given time, LOOKNorth will have one or more active Technology Validation projects in progress, at various stages. Currently, the following projects are considered "active" or complete. More information on these projects are available by clicking on the links below.

SkyBEAM (Building Envelope Asset Mapping) for large industrial facililties (Industrial SkyWorks, August 2016)

Data Aggregation and Visualization Technology for Real-Time Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (EMSAT, January 2015)

SEAformatics Pod: energy harvesting seabed sensor platform (SEAformatics, January 2015)

Satellite-based Monitoring of Oilsands Greenhouse Gas Emissions  (GHGSat, November 2014)

Total::Insight : Canada's Larus Technologies provides data fusion and analysis for North Atlantic situational awareness project (Larus Techologies, November 2014)

Marine Mammal Monitoring in Arctic Waters (Sikumiut Environmental Management, August 2014)

River Flow Forecasting for Northern Environments (4DM, April 2014) 

Rugged USV for Bathymetric Surveying of Tailings Ponds (Clearpath Robotics, January 2014)

Remote Predictive Mapping for Mineral Exploration (Geofirma/Transition Metals, August 2013)

Laser-based Remote Sensing for Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Boreal Laser, January 2013)

Remote Sensing for Mapping Hydrocarbon Microseeps (Sky Hunter Corporation, December 2012)

Earth observation technologies for monitoring effects of permafrost change on mining and other infrastructure (Effegis Geo-Solutions, Fall 2012)