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Remote Sensing innovation and commercialization for responsible, sustainable development of natural resources.

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Project Selection Criteria

LOOKNorth is a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR), under Industry Canada's Networks of Centres of Excellence program. The CECR program requires a measurement of the impacts of funded projects. 

The Technology Validation Program desired impacts are:

  • improvements in safety of personnel;
  • reduction of operational risk;
  • increased benefits to Northern people;
  • acceptance of a technology as a standard by a regulatory body;
  • reinforcing Canada’s position internationally in the EO sector; and
  • development of highly-qualified personnel (HQP), jobs created, potential revenues.


Proposals will be rated against the following criteria:

  • impact of a successful technology validation project;
  • degree of innovation implemented;
  • percentage of sponsor co-funding;
  • value of in-kind contributions;
  • suitability of the proposed solution; and
  • potential for international sales.