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Model-based Systems Engineering for Mission Analysis and System Effectiveness

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) offers great value for addressing multi-domain system challenges.  This is especially true in challenging environments, by providing a single window through which to view the variables at play. Whether the mission is to find the best location for monitoring/communications infrastructure, to respond to a forest fire or to ship cargo through ice-prone waters, MBSE simulates existing environment/terrain, infrastructure and assets, and inputs various scenarios (such as asset capability and seasonal/current weather conditions).  MBSE, combined with MBE greatly enhances the ability to understand interdependencies and improve overall mission effectiveness.

LOOKNorth has had the opportunity to review MBSE – MBE technology and methodology. As a proven approach to systems engineering, it has the potential to enhance the competitiveness of Canadian industry and support Canadian users to more effectively integrate multiple monitoring assets and find gaps based on various mission scenarios. Therefore, on 28 June 017, LOOKNorth is hosting a workshop in which Phoenix Integration and Analytical Graphics Inc. present and demonstrate key concepts associated with MBSE-MBE connectivity, Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Analysis (MDOA) and Model as a Service (MaaS).  The combination of each component provides the ability to move quickly through concept design, win more proposals, reduce risk and ultimately improve mission effectiveness.