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Remote Sensing innovation and commercialization for responsible, sustainable development of natural resources.

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LOOKNorth in the News

LOOKNorth and members of the LOOKNorth Network are from time to time featured in Canadian technology publications, highlighting Network member successes and the Centre's work to advance and promote adoption of remote sensing technologies to support responsible, sustainable development of Northern natural resources. For the information and interest of LOOKNorth stakeholders, links to some of these  publications are provided below.

Caterpillar, GE invest $30M in material-transport robotics company (Mining.com, 12 October 2016)

Meet the Robots Taking on the Most Dangerous Jobs - Clearpath Robotics (Forbes Magazine, 3 October 2016)

More than Just a Map (The Conservator, Spring 2015)

Canadian technology slashes cost of detecting iceberg hazards (ExcelleNCE, March 2014)

Clearpath Robotics: from startup to ramping up (Cambridge Times, 11 March 2014)

No Hiding Place (Frontier Energy, Summer 2012)

Ocean Technology (Spring 2012)

LOOKNorth - Leading Operational Obervations for the North (Journal of Ocean Technology, Spring 2011)