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Mining Environmental Stewardship Initiative

One of LOOKNorth’s key partnerships is with The Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC). CMICis an organization of mining stakeholders (mining companies, services providers, government agencies and academia; LOOKNorth is also a member) mandated to identify and advance innovation in the Canadian mining industry.  Its activities are structured around six project portfolios:

§  Energy

§  Environmental Stewardship

§  Exploration

§  Highly Qualified People

§  Mining

§  Processing

Member organizations provide volunteer representation to various projects, in an effort to identify issues, areas for research and ultimately innovative solutions. 

LOOKNorth has worked with CMIC on its Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) to improve environmental management practices. Through a background scoping study, stakeholder consultations and ongoing committee interactions, the ESI committee, on which a LOOKNorth representative sits, has identified three key areas of focus – water, mine closure and tailings.

Recently CMIC released pre-feasibility reports in the areas of mine closure and water management, which identify several key areas of activity with the potential to advance the industry’s environmental management capability.  Copies of the reports are available at http://www.cmic-ccim.org/resources/reports/.  The next step in the process will be to complete full feasibility assessments for the various areas of focus. CMIC welcomes comments, contributions and involvement in the process.  Contact details are available at http://www.cmic-ccim.org/contact/