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Partnering with CMIC for Advanced Sensor Development

LOOKNorth and the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) are pleased to announce their partnership for the development of advanced environmental monitoring sensors for the mining sector. As a CMIC member, LOOKNorth worked with other mining sector stakeholders through CMIC’s Environmental Stewardship Initiative to develop this monitoring innovation project.

LOOKNorth and CMIC will co-invest in innovative sensor technologies for remote, real-time water quality monitoring.  Remote, real-time monitoring provides a variety of benefits over traditional “grab” sampling (taking periodic physical samples from the site). It enables more frequent sampling, which in turn provides a more comprehensive and representative understanding of water quality over time. Remote sensing also mitigates the health and safety concerns, environmental impacts, and potentially prohibitive costs of deploying personnel to remote, sometimes environmentally sensitive, sites to collect physical samples. This is especially true of remote locations in Canada’s North.

As part of the partnership, LOOKNorth will provide matching funding to a CMIC-managed consortium comprising several of Canada’s largest mining companies. Funds will flow to innovative sensor technology companies developing next-generation platforms and sensors including advanced DNA and genomic detection techniques. This will accelerate sensor technology development and commercialization, including ultimate deployment in mining operations.

This is the second partnership between the two organizations under LOOKNorth’s Technology Validation Program (“TVP”) and CMIC’s Environmental Stewardship Initiative. Previously, LOOKNorth co-funded and participated in CMIC-led feasibility and project development work for advanced sensors in the mining sector. The outcome of the study was a subset of selected technologies that were recommended to be carried forward into full project development and forms the basis of this initiative.

For more information on the partnership, please contact a representative below:

Neil Cater, LOOKNorth Program Director (709) 864-7808 | Neil.cater@looknorth.org


Michael Flynn, Innovation Manager, Environment, Canada Mining Innovation Council

778.847.3176 | mflynn@cmic-ccim.org