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Remote Sensing innovation for responsible, sustainable development of Northern natural resources.

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New and Noteworthy

SEAformatics clean energy innovation

 TVP Program alumnus SEAformatics (Field trial of self-powering seabed instrumentation Platform) has miniaturized and adapted its SEAlily current-powered energy-harvesting turbine to create the Waterlily, a lightweight portable turbine (under 2 pounds and just 7 inches in diameter) that generates electricity from both running water and wind. A YouTube video demonstration (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_AZWLiks50) has attracted over 20,000 views and coverage from more than a dozen media outlets worldwide. 

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LOOKNorth Network Members partner with Boeing Phantom Works

On October 25th, Boeing Phantom Works announced collaborative partnerships with two members of the LOOKNorth Network: St. John’s-based C‑CORE and Montreal-based GHGSat are working with Boeing to develop remote sensing solutions that go beyond Boeing’s current satellite platform business.

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Monitoring Marine Mammals

Sikumiut Environmental Management Ltd. (Sikumiut), an Inuit-owned business registered in Newfoundland and Labrador, is collaborating with LOOKNorth to demonstrate the use of advanced remote sensing technology to help ships detect and avoid marine mammals when navigating Canada's Arctic waters.   

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GHGSat imaging begun!

Shortly after the successful launch of its first satellite, GHGSat has already performed over 100 measurements of greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sites around the world.

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Space-based Detection of Oil Spills on Earth



LOOKNorth researcher Dr. Bahram Salehi awarded NSERC Discovery Grant to develop EO-based methods of detecting terrestrial oil/waste-water spills and monitoring their impact on the environment

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Mining Environmental Stewardship Initiative

LOOKNorth has worked with the Canada Mining Innovation Council on its Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) to improve environmental management practices. Through a background scoping study, stakeholder consultations and ongoing committee interactions, the ESI committee, on which a LOOKNOrth representative sits)  has identified three key areas of focus – water, mine closure and tailings.

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Wetland Mapping and Monitoring

LOOKNorth Remote Sensing Engineer Dr. Bahram Salehi is developing a novel automated system for mapping and monitoring wetland areas using multiple types of remotely-sensed data. 

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In Focus

Arctic Products Validation & Evolution Workshops

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